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Grounded, supported home birth in New York’s Hudson Valley since 2010

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Beacon Midwives is practice partnership between licensed midwives Sadie Moss Jones and Megan O’Connor. We are full-scope midwives providing care to women and people on the female-to-male spectrum from adolescence onward through the lifespan. “Full-scope” means our services are not limited to childbearing. We also offer routine wellness screens, such as pap tests and screens for infections, as well as certain primary care services. We have full prescriptive privileges so it is never a problem to write a prescription, if needed. Midwives can also order to ultrasounds and bloodwork when indicated. We both have skill sets that enable us to expand the breadth of our care. Both Sadie and Megan have earned additional lactation credentials. Megan is an experienced provider of bodywork for both birthing people and newborns. Sadie offers a functional medicine approach to both preventive and problem-focused care. Sadie is also a Certified Havener and offers this gentle, highly effective technique to aid in processing difficult emotional experiences. In essence, we offer all of the elements of standard care, as well as a variety of holistic, complementary approaches. 


Sadie Moss Jones


Sadie has been a licensed midwife since 2002, and providing loving, attentive care for homebirth in the lower Hudson Valley and Westchester since 2010.

Sadie’s additional education in healing through nutrition, lactation counseling, medicinal herbs, and neuroscience for mental wellness support you as a whole person while you walk your journey towards birth and parenting.

Megan O’Connor


Megan has been a licensed midwife since 2014, and a massage therapist since 2003. She has a long background in organizing and educating around self-care for reproductive health, and has worked for over ten years as a massage therapist specializing in both deep tissue and gentle touch methods to address musculoskeletal and women’s health issues including prenatal and postpartum discomforts and lumbopelvic pain.

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